Refrigeration Problem?
Need Real World Information?

Refrigeration? What can I say! It's been my life's work for almost 30 years!!!

At this stage in my career I work alone. One man, one service truck, a small storage facility, and a small office. That's it!

For over 25 years I've owned my own refrigeration business. The "buck stops" with me. That means that I shoulder all the responsibility.

In April 2007 I had a problem. What began as a typical day, quickly changed with one phone call.

"Steve, can you come to the packing house as soon as possible? Something is going on with the units!!!"

What was the problem? What did I find when I climbed out of my truck?

Forty two produce coolers were down! That meant 122 trailer loads of tomatoes.

Also, three vegetable coolers, with a combined refrigerating capacity of around 480 tons!

This translated into over one million dollars worth of perishable commodity. All depending upon my ability to act quickly.

No room for mistakes!!! No time for excuses!!!

It didn't take long. The power company had dropped a phase.

Resetting breakers and protective overloads, I soon had the situation under control.

Blood pressure back to normal. Nursing a cup of coffee. Laughing with the packing house shipping manager. I felt good! Job finished! Time to "ride off into the sunset!"

That's why I have been doing this for almost 30 years!!!

From small commercial refrigerating units to big industrial refrigerating units, I've seen a lot. Repaired a lot. Been stumped and scratched my head a lot.

Want to climb into my truck and ride along? Want to watch over my shoulder? Want to know how I approach a refrigeration repair?

What equipment I use? Parts I carry?

Grab your tool belt... Let's Go!!!

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