Refrigeration Control?
Need To know More?

Refrigeration control creating problems? System not doing what it's suppose to do?

What kind of controls are you using?

In refrigeration equipment, controls are used to monitor the refrigerant pressure, the equipment and product temperature, and the electrical system.

Four of the common pressure controls used in refrigeration are the low pressure control, the high pressure control, the oil pressure control and the fan pressure control.

Thermostats come in many shapes and sizes. The old style mechanicals are giving way to highly customizable electronics.

Electrical controls used in refrigeration equipment consist of relays, contactors, motor starters, phase monitors and overloads.

On lower temp applications, defrost control systems are very important.

What about the refrigeration control circuit? Using a step-down transformer?

They present their own set of problems.

All of these systems allow the controls to perform a wide range of functions.

Before attempting a refrigeration repair, you must have a good understanding of each control. What it's suppose to do and why.

From protecting the equipment to maintaining the desired product temperature, control is critical!

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