Refrigeration Repair?
Problem With The Expansion Valve?

Think you have a refrigeration repair problem with an expansion valve? Here are a few suggestions.

1. Proper Installation: Make sure that the valve is properly installed. It's amazing how often the little things matter.

2. Proper Superheat Adjustment: Checking the superheat by the book can be frustrating. There are easier ways.

3. Flooding Back: I once had an expansion valve flooding-back refrigerant to the compressor. The owner wasn't very happy!!!

4. Frost or Ice: On properly operating medium temp equipment you should never see frost or ice on the valve or distributor. (Of course this does not apply if you are working on a low temp system.) Things to look for?

5. Low Suction Pressure: Many times a lower than normal suction pressure can be caused by the valve. But other factors can be misleading.

6. No Suction Pressure: You can drive yourself nuts trying to figure out why there's no suction pressure. Yet there's plenty of refrigerant in the system. This is where I start.

7. Emergency Repair For A Quarter: Check out this emergency refrigeration repair I've used more than once to get myself out of a jam!!!

When I first started working in the field, I always dreaded expansion valve problems. Now it has become as simple as seeing, listening, and touching.

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