Refrigerant Sight Glass?
There's Volumes Of Infomation On Display!

The refrigerant sight glass provides a ton of information.

When I first began work in the field, I thought it was so simple!

If it's clear, you're OK. If it flashes, add refrigerant. End of story.


Now I realize that if you properly understand what it's saying, this lowly part speaks volumes.

It answers many questions.

Such as....

Is the system low on refrigerant?

Is the filter drier restricted?

What about color?

Where should it be installed?

How should it be installed?

What about flashing and clearing, flashing and clearing,...?

Why is it so difficult to see?

How fast is the refrigerant sight glass moving?

Who would have ever thought?

It's quiet literally, a small window into the world of the refrigeration system.

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