Refrigerants? Confused?
More Colors Than A Rainbow!!

Refrigerants have now become a nightmare! Oh how I miss the good old days when I covered all the bases with three cylinders in my truck.

White, green and purple solved all the problems. White (R12) for most commercial refrigeration, green (R22) for most industrial refrigeration, and purple (R502) for most low temp refrigeration.

Now there are not enough colors in the rainbow for all the different cylinders. And it keeps getting worse.

Check out this website. It is one of the best I have found for simplifying a complicated subject.

All of the industrial equipment I service and repair uses R22. However in 2010 R22 will no longer be produced or imported.

I am patiently waiting to see what alternatives I can recommend to my customers. When R12 was phased out it took many years until the dust settled enough to make the correct decision.

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