Filter Driers?
Simple, Right?

Refrigeration filter driers perform a valuable and necessary function.

They filter any debris or contaminates in the refrigerant while removing moisture.

So much for the obvious!

Let's get into some of the real world experiences I've encountered while installing and using refrigerant driers.

Want an easy way to determine if the filter is restricted?

Should you install replaceable core filter driers?

Do the various kinds of cores really make a difference?

Flare vs. sweat? Which do I prefer?

What about the refrigerant sight glass? Should it be installed upstream or downstream?

Can a solenoid valve or expansion valve determine when you replace a drier?

What do I check before removing a sweat drier?

Do you have a compressor burnout? Change the driers over and over... Right?

Have you ever used silicon caulking?

Also, remember to check for oily greasy areas on the filter body.

It's only a lowly drier but it's amazing how this simple part can supply so much information!

Makes you look at them with respect and admiration.

Respect and admiration?

OK, maybe not.

How about appreciation?

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