Refrigeration Compressors!
Like A Death In The Family.

Refrigeration compressors strike fear into the hearts of all equipment owners. Just mention the word compressor and their face loses color!!!

"Oh no, don't tell me it's the compressor!!! I've heard this so many times that I hate saying to word. It like a death in the family!!!

My job is to keep my customer in business. The compressor is the most expensive refrigeration component. I specialize in commercial refrigeration and industrial refrigeration equipment.

Copeland, Carrier and Dunham-Bush compressors are my "bread and butter." Over the years I have seen them do some amazing things.

So let's get started!!! Check out the links below. You'll find a light hearted look at a serious subject.

  1. Pay attention to the colors!
  2. A 20 pound sledgehammer for precise adjustments?
  3. Where is that whistling noise coming from?
  4. Meet  the big three!!!
  5. Whew!!! What's That Smell???
  6. Bang!!! Blue Lightening!
  7. Hums but won't start?
  8. Need a gasket? Got a hammer?
  9. Making refrigerant oil in the compressor?
  10. Wow!!! Cool refrigeration compressors!
  11. Clanging, clacking, and violent shaking!!!

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