Refrigeration Oil???
It's Critical!!!

Refrigeration oil is boring! What could possibly be important about such a simple subject?

Either you have enough or you don't. Right???

Better hold on to your hat! Proper understanding of the oil is critical.

The information displayed, literally before your eyes, can help you quickly isolate possible problems in refrigeration equipment.

Check out the various topics below. They contain a wealth of practical real world experience.

You'll give the oil the respect it deserves!!!

  1. The dreaded black sight glass!!!
  2. Disappearing in a flash!!!
  3. Oil? More and more and more oil!
  4. Oil, refrigerant, and water. What a mess!!!
  5. The perfect leak detector???
  6. Changing oil with 3/8 inch tubing???
  7. Can't find the missing refrigeration oil???

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