Find That Refrigerant Leak:
With Five Easy Steps

Step One: Look!! Refrigerant leaks are many times found with just a quick and simple look around. See any oil spots? How about white smoke coming out of the equipment? Chances are you've found the leak.

Step Two: Listen!! Do you have sensitive hearing?

Great!! Use it!!

Shut down equipment, close doors, isolate the room, whatever it takes to quiet it down. Hear anything?

Step Three: OK, still no luck? Guess it's time to break out the heavy artillery.

Time to bring in your electronic leak detector.

Really want to go back in time? Then reach for your halide torch. Remember that refrigerant is heavier than air and be careful of water on that sensing element!

Step Four: Think you get it narrowed down? There's only one way to know for sure. You've got to see it.

Time to apply a bubble solution. Now you have it. No doubt about it's location now.

Step Five: Time to isolate the area, clean it, and repair the leak.

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