Refrigeration Control System Problem?

Refrigeration control system not working correctly?

Let's start by defining what is meant by "control system."

The control system is the means by which the refrigeration equipment maintains the desired product temperature.

The type of control system used in refrigeration varies.

On most of the smaller reach in coolers and freezers, a simple on-off thermostat works great.

On many commercial refrigeration applications, the condensing unit is controlled by the low pressure control. There is no thermostat!

Is the system high voltage? Higher voltage refrigeration equipment almost always has a separate control voltage system.

All of the above control systems are direct on-off systems. The thermostat or pressure control starts or stops the refrigeration compressor immediately.

That's great for systems using small amounts of refrigerant.

But what about industrial refrigeration equipment. They contain large amounts of refrigerant.

Most industrial applications use a pump down refrigeration control system!

Before attempting to repair a system, you must know the equipment and how it's being controlled!

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