Capacitor Giving You Problems?
Do You Need Practical Information?

A capacitor is used on almost all single phase refrigeration equipment.

From fan motors to compressors, they all start and run with their help.

I will not go into the actual function. That's a subject that strays from the purpose of the website.

What I want to discuss is their practical application in the field.

How they affect the equipment.

Have you ever "jump started" a compressor?

What to look for.

Some common tricks of the trade.

What about the big three? You have to understand how they relate to each other when servicing refrigeration compressors.

Also, always remember to do this, before attempting to service equipment using a capacitor.

While simple in its uses, sometimes they are critical to the performance of the refrigeration system.

I have seen an entire cooler full of tomatoes down, because this one lowly little part was defective!

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