Dependable Refrigeration is a Must

by Paul
(Burlington Vermont)

Dependable refrigeration is definitely a necessity in today's busy life. As a busy caterer, I try to shop only once in a week. I have too many other things to squeeze into my week. Because I buy things in large quantities, my walk-in refrigerator can't let me down. The food has to be kept fresh and safe for the entire week. Unfortunately, my refrigeration unit started to show its age.

I didn't notice anything amiss for several days after it happened. It's when I noticed an inconsistency in the temperature that I knew I had a problem. That meant a service call - something that I was hoping to avoid. I wish I had found your site before I made my call. It would have helped me understand what the repair guy was talking about. Thanks for letting me look over your shoulder as you explain the ins and outs of refrigeration.

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