Installing  Expansion Valves? Here Are Some Suggestions

Installing expansion valves often involves replacing the existing valve.

Remember to properly mount the sensing element in the correct location and position.

Location: It should be located as close as possible to the evaporator on the suction line.

Position: For smaller suction lines, simply mount the bulb on top. For larger suction lines, mount the bulb in the 2 o'clock or 11 o'clock position.

Remember to clean the area with sand paper to assure good contact and insulate the bulb.

I always use the supplied strap to properly secure it.

If the valve must be brazed into the system it is very important to isolate the power element

Too much heat will destroy it.

I always disassemble the valve if possible.

For years I wrapped a wet rag around the valve body to create a heat sink. But keeping the rag wet while brazing was tough.

It was also easy to catch the rag on fire.

Following these suggestions make life much easier. The valve properly meters the refrigerant and maintains the desired superheat setting.

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