Fans Seized?
Grab That Oil Bottle!

Refrigeration fans seized?

Grab your oil bottle. Right?

Good luck!

I have never yet, successfully restored a seized motor by adding oil to the bearings.

It's been my experience that once a motor, for whatever reason, seizes up, you might as well replace it.

Many, many times, I have patiently added oil into the oil port.

Worked the shaft back and forth.

Spun the blade to assist starting.

Ran the motor for short lengths of time.

And the result?

You guessed it.

I eventually replaced the motor.

Now, I don't even bother.

If the motor bearings are seized, I install a new one.

My time and the customer's product are valuable.

It's more important to get the refrigeration equipment online and operating.

I am not a motor repairman.

Do you want an additional shocker?

I'm not totally convinced that regular preventive oiling is necessary!

I believe that too much oil attracts dirt and grime, that eventually works its way into the bearings.

Creating more harm than good.

I haven't conducted a controlled test, but I've replaced many motors with greasy end plates.

I know what you're thinking. The grease indicates the need to add oil. It leaked out!

No wonder the motor seized.

If only he had added oil on a regular basis.

Forget it. I'm talking about regularly oiled motors.

Oh, I guess a few drops of motor oil can't hurt if it makes you feel better.

But if the bearing seal is not broken, the original oil will last years and years.

The problem occurs when a few drops becomes a few squirts.

Human nature takes over!

As for me, I stopped oiling fans years ago and have not seen any increase in motor failures.

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