Refrigerant Sight Glass?
Colors Are Important!

The refrigerant sight glass changes color?


It's the best means of determining the presence of moisture in the refrigeration system.

A quick glance at the glass and you'll know if a problem exists.

Almost all glasses have moisture indicators.

The indicators change colors, depending upon the amount a moisture in the refrigerant.

Some change from yellow to green as moisture is removed. Others change from pink to purple.

Simple, simple, simple!

But extremely important!

Excess moisture in low temp refrigeration equipment can cause extremely important!

Also, excess moisture increases the chance of acid formation in the system.

Not good.

So keep an eye on those indicators.

If they become worn and/or discolored in older equipment, they lose their sensitivity.

When this occurs, I always replace the entire glass.

Knowing the presence of moisture is critical.

The life of the refrigeration equipment is a stake.


Color matters!

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