Filter Driers?
Replaceable Core Driers?
Do They Work?

Replaceable core filter driers give you a choice. A choice based upon the type contaminate present.

For normal system maintenance you can use a regular core. A core that performs routine removal of contaminates.

If water has entered the system you can select a high moisture removal core.

This core has additional water absorbing material to increase the amount held by the drier.

If a compressor burnout has occurred you can choose special burnout cores.

These cores have small amounts of a charcoal substance that neutralizes any acid in the system.

The question is, can they clean the refrigeration system?

The answer is yes, but at what cost?

Over the years I have seen some tremendously contaminated systems.

Extreme amounts of water and terrible compressor burnouts.

From experience, attempting to clean the system by core replacement only, is wasteful and ineffective.

While it's true the cores remove the contaminates, they do so very slowly. They do so in very small amounts.

The process is time consuming and expensive.

Want to speed up the process?

After installing the correct cores, change the oil!!

Run the system for a short interval and change the oil again. Run the system for a longer interval and (you guessed it) change the oil again.

Repeat, repeat, and repeat until the refrigeration oil returns to a virgin oil appearance.

Now replace the cores again.

That's how I clean a system.

Why does it work?

Refrigeration oil travels through out the system during normal operation.

This traveling oil naturally washes contaminates back to the compressor crankcase.

Changing the oil repeatedly speeds up the cleanup!

It works every time.

So, yes the replaceable core filter driers are effective. They just need additional help in accomplishing their goal.

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