Refrigerant Leak?
Still Using That Halide Torch?

Refrigerant Halide Torch? Yep, I still have a halide torch on my truck.

Do I ever use it? Nope. I think I keep it around for old time sake.

Something about having an open flame blowing out of the end while I move it around looking for a leak, gets me in trouble.

Besides the fear of starting a fire I can't remember how many times I have burned myself.

Enough about my clumsiness. Are they effective?

Only if you are working in a dark place, with no wind, or flammable materials.

Just add a little breeze and the flame goes nuts.

Just add some light and the color change is dang near impossible to see.

Don't forget the lovely smell they emit, ever heard of phosgene???!!!

When the vapor burns! Watch out, not a good thing!!!

In my opinion, with the advances in electronic leak detectors, halide torches have gone the way of buggy whips.

Funny how I hate to throw away the past.

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