Refrigerant Leak Can't Be Located?Need The Best Refrigeration Electronic Leak Detector?

A refrigerant electronic leak detector is a must have. Looking for a good one? Here is a list of the features I look for.

1. Battery Operated- Dragging a power cord around refrigeration equipment gets old in a hurry. Finding a plug or rigging up a pig tail can also be pain.

2. Disposable Batteries- Rechargeable batteries are great until they die. Then you are stuck waiting for the unit to recharge or back to dragging a power cord around. It is so much easier to pop in new batteries and go.

3. Rugged- It must be able to "take a beating."

4. Sensitivity Settings- My detector has a high and low sensitivity setting. The last thing you need is a detector that is so sensitive it becomes useless around large leaks.

5. Serviceable- Installing a filter or new sensor tip should be quick and simple.

6. Self Calibrating- The detector must be able to recalibrate its sensitivity as it nears the refrigerant leak. Older detectors fell short. They got you close but just couldn't narrow it down.

7. Alarms The alarm must be laud enough to hear over running equipment. Or have an easy to notice blinking light.

When using the detector, I always begin on the highest sensitivity setting.

If the leak is very large the detector alarms immediately. If the detector does not alarm I know I am dealing with a smaller leak.

For large leaks, I go to the lower sensitivity setting. This setting allows me to get rid of false alarms as I move closer.

For smaller leaks I keep the higher sensitivity setting and proceed.

A good electronic leak detector is "worth its weight in gold!"

The amount of time and effort is saves is priceless.

Gets you to the coffee shop for those few extra donuts, a heck of a lot quicker!!! 

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