Refrigerant Sight Glass Installation?Just A Few Suggestions!

Installing a refrigerant sight glass? Is it sweat or flare?

A sweat installation must be undertaken with care.

Whenever possible, I always remove the glass from the body before applying heat.

This is especially important if the glass is using an O ring.

These small rubber seals will not hold up, under extreme heat.

The result?

A refrigerant leak.

What if the glass cannot be disassembled?

I usually wrap it with a wet rag, creating a heat sink. The rag absorbs the excess heat, preventing possible damage.

What if the installation is a flare glass?

No special procedures are required. Just make sure you leak test the fittings to assure a proper seal.

Which type of flare do I prefer?

I always use a male/female flare.


It saves time by allowing the glass to be mounted directly onto the filter-drier.

They become a single, compact unit, that is easier to install.

Should the glass be mounted before or after the drier?

Here's a link with additional information.

One more thing to remember.

Make it easy on yourself and whoever comes behind you.

Make sure the glass is easy to see!

It is amazing how many times I've had to bend my body like a pretzel, trying to reach a glass that someone installed in a weird location and/or angle.

Maybe I should learn some yoga techniques!?

On second thought, I'd look awful at my age, in a spandex suit.

Besides, where would I put my screwdriver?

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