Refrigeration Compressors Cool?
Careful! You Could Have Big Problems!

Refrigeration compressors on medium temp refrigeration equipment should not be cool to the touch.

Living in Florida with our high humidity, a sweating compressor is a bad sign.

I can live with a sweating suction line. Even a small amount of sweat on the suction bell is OK. But when the entire body sweats, look out!!!

What to look for???

Check the expansion valve superheat. It could be set too low.

Is the evaporator iced up? I have seen ice 3 or 4 inches thick on the compressor, because of ice on the evaporator.

What ever the reason, warm that compressor up!!! Make sure that your crankcase heater is working. What's that you say? You don't have a working crankcase heater? Repair it or if missing, install one.

They are critical!!! Without one, the refrigeration oil will wash out of the crankcase. No oil means a safety trip of the oil pressure control. No oil pressure control, possible loss of the compressor.

OK, I've mentioned a few things to look for. But, what is causing the coolness and sweating?

For whatever reason, liquid refrigerant is entering the refrigeration compressor. As it evaporates it cools. This isn't rocket science!!!

Remember never, never, never, should liquid enter the compressor. It creates havoc.

So check that expansion valve. Check for a dirty evaporator. Check those fan motors. Check the defrost system. Check, check, check!!!

Want to know the weirdest reason I've seen for a sweating compressor?

Are you ready??? How about the condensate pan!!! Huh??? Yep, the condensate pan.

The drain line stopped up. Then the condensate backed up. The deeper the condensate in the pan, the less air flow.

Less air flow, more liquid in the evaporator. Excess liquid refrigerant!!! Watch out compressor!!!

Ain't refrigeration great??? Just when you think you've seen it all!!!

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