Refrigeration Compressors?
Seeing Colors?

The refrigeration compressors I install are heavy. Too heavy to be lifted by hand.

With a little planning, I can usually rig up a hoist system using wenches, blocks, and chains to set the compressor.

So you can imagine my surprise!!! After much effort and work I finally had that 20 hp Copeland compressor mounted.

Patting myself on the back, I stepped back.

Something was wrong!!! The compressor was leaning forward!!!

Was it resting on one of my tools or an object underneath? No, the bottom was clear.

Yet it was much higher on the suction end than the discharge. It just didn't make sense!!!

The old one had not leaned forward. It was perfectly level.

What had I done wrong??? I scratched my head and looked carefully.

Then it hit me!!! The mounting springs!!!

I had noticed that two of them were orange and two were white when I removed the old compressor.

Had I reinstalled them in the wrong locations? Did it matter? Maybe the colors were important!

After removing the new compressor, I inspected the springs. Yep, they were different. The orange ones were shorter than the white.

Now I knew!!! The colors represented different load capacities. The weight of the compressor was not evenly distributed.

Sometimes the simple things cause huge headaches.

Before you start a major job, always take a minute and look.

Note how the refrigeration compressors are mounted. How they are wired. How they are aligned. Any special controls in certain positions? See an easier way to do the job?

Might get you off that hot roof, in the middle of the summer, a lot quicker!!!

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