Refrigeration Control System
Why Use A Low Voltage Circuit?

The refrigeration control system on high voltage refrigeration equipment, always uses a lower voltage control circuit.


Two reasons come to mind.

1. Safety: Using line voltage on high voltage equipment to control the system would be very dangerous.

Adjusting pressure controls, reseting overloads, and trouble shooting relays, is always a hands-on experience.

The risk of electrical shock would increase dramatically! Simply removing a cover would be nerve wracking!

2. Simplicity: Having a separate control voltage circuit simplifies the process of diagnosing problems.

Knowing that the entire control circuit is isolated, allows a step by step approach toward finding tripped controls or non-energized relays.

Lower voltage control circuits can be internally supplied or externally supplied.

Internal circuits need a transformer. The transformer steps down the high voltage to 230v, 115v, or 24v.

External circuits usually involve additional electrical work. Electrical panels with individual breakers supply voltage to each refrigeration control system.

Remember to always determine which control voltage is being used! Unless you know the proper voltage, the wrong control could be installed.

Installing a 24v contactor on a 230v control circuit will quickly let you know you have a problem!

As the old saying goes, "It'll smoke it!!"

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