Refrigeration Oil Missing
Where Did It Go?

The refrigeration oil is gone! The oil sight glass is clear.

The only sign of oil is an occasional splash as the pump struggles to suck a small amount from the crankcase.

What happened to it?

Carefully check the refrigeration equipment looking for oil leaks. Don't see any???

Allow the compressor to continue running. Sometimes the oil is pulled out of the crankcase at start-up.

After the compressor has ran for awhile the oil may slowly begin returning to the crankcase.

Still no oil in the sight glass? It's time to add some. You don't want to take a chance of damaging the compressor!

Go ahead and grab your hand pump and container of oil.

A level of 1/3 to 1/2 is about right.

Job finished!!! Time to move on to the next refrigeration repair. Right???

Not so fast!!!

After adding oil always recheck the condensing unit later.

Only time will tell if the compressor was simply low on oil. When you check back the next day, if the level is OK, NOW you're finished!!!

Where did the refrigerant oil go? In this case it was never there.

Maybe the compressor came for the manufacturer low. Maybe someone didn't add enough after a previous repair. Who knows!!!

I've added oil and never knew why it was low!!!

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