Refrigeration Valves?
Using An EPR Valve?
Wish I Could Help!

In discussing refrigeration valves, I limit myself.

This website contains information I've learned over many years.

Many years of personal experience. Many years of hands-on repairs.

What can I tell you about evaporator pressure regulator (EPR) valves?

Very little!

After almost thirty years in the field, I have not seen an EPR valve installed and working in refrigeration equipment.


Who knows! It's one of the strange things about this trade.

In many ways the refrigeration trade is very specialized.

No one can know everything. We concentrate on the equipment we enjoy repairing.

For example.

I do not work on ice machines. They drive me nuts!

I have admiration for the technician who patiently waits for ice to drop. Then makes another adjustment.

Not for me!!!

My interest in refrigeration equipment has slowly evolved.

From small self contained coolers and freezers, I migrated to larger commercial refrigeration units.

Eventually, I settled on the large industrial equipment I maintain today.

So, what can I do if you have questions about EPR valves?

I can send you to a source of information I've found very helpful.

I hope it's useful and steers you in the right direction!

Good luck!

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